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You are about to enter the testimony/forum/guestbook area for The 40 Day Miracle.
Here you will read the experiences, trials, successes and stumblings of those on The 40 Day Miracle.

If you are posting, we ask that you keep ALL posts strictly related to The 40 Day Miracle. NO ADDITIONAL links, poems, writings, diets, and other stuff.
ONLY material strictly relating to The 40 Day Miracle PLEASE!

Many will go to the forum for the first time. Many will only go once or twice and if they see material that's not relating to what they are trying to do, they won't benefit from the forum and it misses its purpose.

         A good thing is not a good thing if it does not fulfill its Divine purpose.

This forum is for The 40 Day Miracle ONLY!
All posts not directly relating to The 40 Day Miracle will be deleted.

Obedience is better than sacrifice and is one of the first principles of successful and changed lives. Even this forum displays the ability to stay on focus and follow instructions and that ability reflects in our daily lives.

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